Facial aesthetics

Permanent make-up or permanent make-up is a cosmetic procedure that uses tattoos to semi-permanently color the skin for 1 to 3 years. It is used mainly for aesthetic reasons such as with makeup, eyelashes, lips and eyebrows to correct the shape and make the contours better in these areas. It is also used for therapeutic-psychological reasons in people who have lost it due to illnesses such as alopecia or chemotherapy. It is also used to repair the nipple after a mastectomy. At Beauty Moments Aesthetics Center the dyes used in permanent makeup are from Nouveau Contour and are FDA-approved worldwide.

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Duration: 180 minutes ... 200.00 €

The eyebrows are the "frame" of the face. Their shape and color can change the face and create a youthful look.

The methods we use at the Beauty Moments beauty center are absolutely safe, the eyebrows are perfectly designed based on the characteristics of each person.

With the help of Microblanding technique thin hair is designed for a natural effect while using the machine completes the final result where needed.

The colors are hypoallergenic and there has been special preparation before applying both methods.

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Every woman's desire is juicy irresistibly charming lips with a perfect outline. With semi-permanent lip makeup you will forget the lipstick that needs refreshing during the day and after eating, drinking or coffee.

The lips will remain attractive in any occasion. The design of the lip contour and the color are tailored to your wishes. At Beauty Moments Beauty Center we make the lip contour and create a natural shade so the lips look evenly colored.

Experience the ultimate beauty experience at Beauty Moments.

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