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Duration: 50 minutes ... 30 €

The body undergoes major changes during pregnancy. The massage to pregnant women it is a great solution to relieve back and leg pain. This massage is done with gentle movements on these areas as well as on the face, head and soles, releasing the tension from the areas that are most strained. After childbirth also massage can help relieve the stress and fatigue of new responsibilities ... and of course the loss of unnecessary pounds.

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Lymphatic massage is a gentle massage. Its purpose is to promote the natural drainage of lymph, the fluid that removes metabolic waste.

In lymphatic massage we use a certain degree of (mild) pressure, and the manipulations are performed rhythmically, which is intended to stimulate lymph circulation. It helps in fast and effective detoxification of the body, better blood circulation, rejuvenation of skin, reduction of cellulite, loss of points and consequently slimming.

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Relaxing massage is based on gentle hand massage techniques using essential oils that have the potential to improve the body's overall circulation, soothe muscle tension and promote a deep relaxation feeling. The special essential oils used are tailored to each person's needs and complete the unique relaxation experience.

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